Water for Villagers

The villages are on an island but the nearest point from which locals can get drinking water is three kilometres away. The responsibility of bringing water falls on the school boys who use donkeys and four gallon containers. This is a daily trip that every boy must do before going to school which, in itself, is a longer distance away from their village. If the boy does not bring water he will not be allowed to go to school for that day. The daily exposure of the children to the river water during the recession season is an undesirable source of infection with Schistosomiasis.

Our Plan
Our plan is to provide water pumps and three kilometre pipes to bring the water to a closer point in the village. The cost of the project is estimated at £2000 for each location. The villagers will cater for maintenance required and for the diesel supply. Elsulaimaniya Trust will continue follow up of the project so that any obstacles are handled as soon as possible to ensure safe access to water for the villagers and continued education for the children.

So far, we have been able to supply pumps and pipes to more than fourteen villages with each household having it’s own water supply point.

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